Dennis White

Dennis was born and raised in Amherstburg, Ontario. Always having an interest in art, he attended Fanshawe College in London and remained there after graduating, continuing to develop his artistic skills. After 12 years he returned to Amherstburg and established a career as a talented muralist. The personal touch of Dennis’ works is proudly displayed in many homes and businesses in Ontario and in the U.S., with Dennis completing commissioned pieces as far away as Portland, Oregon. Steve Gibb & Dennis White

In 2009, he completed a mural at the Brentwood Recovery Home in honour of Father Paul Charbonneau, a good friend who was instrumental in encouraging his ability as an artist. “I would have never pursued my career as an artist had it not been for his support.” In the spirit of honouring his talents, Dennis held his first public art exhibit at the Gibson Gallery in 2010.

The success of the show prompted Dennis to craft a project dedicated to celebrating the War of 1812;” In Pursuit of The Golden Key.”


Steve Gibb

Stephen has his Honours BA in Fine Art from the University of Windsor.

His artistic playground exists in the area of the mind that blurs the distinction between reality and fiction, where he explores his musings on human nature in a very distilled yet primitive manner.

Most often linked with the “pop surrealists” he has participated in a number of exhibits across North America.

His other works can be viewed on his website at

All of the paintings in the book have been created by Dennis and Steve.

Check out some of Dennis's paintings in this gallery.

And Steve's gallery here.